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With ClojureStream Subscription you will get access to video courses where you can learn idiomatic Clojure, ClojureScript and Datalog.

Project based - learn by doing.

All courses are hands-on. We build the thing and then we ship the thing. By the end of each course you will gain insides into developing with idiomatic Clojure.

Step by steps - never get lost.

The focus is on thematic units that are introduced gradually. You will never feel lost and you will always know how the things connect.

Understand - how things connect.

It's not only about understanding APIs and also about how to combine libraries into a cohesive units. Comprehend in and outs and grasp how the things work together.


With ClojureStream Podcast you will learn about libraries, people, and companies that create value in Clojure community.


Each episode focuses on one topic and dives into libraries, companies, and people that create them.


Episodes are published every other Wednesday and average time per episode is around 40 min.


Clojure, ClojureScript, Datalog, Architectures, Tools, Libraries, Tips and Tricks ... you name it; it's probably there - if not now, then soon.


Attend live on-line workshops, explore different topics and connect with like minded people.


Classroom format, where you can code along the videos and get your questions answered.

Get your questions answered

During the workshop you can ask questions and Classroom format, where you can code along the videos and get your questions answered.


Connect with others who are also eager to learn. Learn from others observations, and questions.

For the community, by the community.

Everything what is included has been reviewed, approved, or provided by Clojure expert.
You can be sure that you are learning idiomatic Clojure.