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Rather than learning a particular stack, just as Courses do; Workshops focus on a specific topic and/or library.


Clerk is an open source programmer's assistant for Clojure that combines the advantages of notebooks like Jupyter, Smalltalk-style Moldable Development, and using one's favorite editor. In this workshop, you'll learn how you can use Clerk to complement the REPL. We'll embark on a tour through the use cases enabled by it, from data analysis, generative art, moldable documentation to small local-first apps all with very little code. You will learn how Clerk works under the hood and how you can leverage its open toolbox design to extend it to your problem at hand.

10-May-2023 (Wed)date
14:00 UTCtime
Martin KavalarMartin Kavalar

Martin Kavalar


Data Structures

One of the primary building blocks in Clojure is the set of built-in data structures, which are all immutable. These enable functional programming and leading to the simplicity that allows Clojure to do such impressive things. But how are these built? And how can they possibly be efficient?

26-Apr-2023 (Wed)date
12:00 UTCtime
Paula GearonPaula Gearon

Paula Gearon



Babashka is a native Clojure interpreter for scripting with fast startup. Its main goal is to leverage Clojure in places where you would be using scripting otherwise. By the end of the workshop you will know Babashka, it's ecosystem, and know when and how to use it.

17-Mar-2023 (Fri)date
14:00 UTCtime
Rahul DeRahul De

Rahul De



ClojureDart is a Clojure dialect for writing cross-platform native desktop and mobile apps. It allows Clojure devs to reach new client platforms thanks to Flutter. (Flutter is a performant cross-platform GUI library by Google.) By the end of the workshop you will know ClojureDart, Flutter ecosystem and be autonomous to write apps.

22-Feb-2023 (Wed)date
12:00 UTCtime
Baptiste DupuchBaptiste Dupuch

Baptiste Dupuch

Christophe GrandChristophe Grand

Christophe Grand



Fulcro is a library for building data-driven full-stack applications for the web, native, and desktop (via electron). It uses React and is written in Clojure and Clojurescript.

Tony KayTony Kay

Tony Kay


CLJS Compiler

Learn in and outs of ClojureScript Compiler. By the end of the workshop, attendees will have enough knowledge to not only make meaningful contributions back to the ClojureScript open source project, but also leverage a host of advanced tips and tricks to simplify and streamline the development process in existing ClojureScript projects.

David NolenDavid Nolen

David Nolen


Intro to Data Science

This workshop is for Clojure developers who wish to know a little more about the field of data science. You will learn basic data science practices through their application to a real-world data problem. You will also learn to use some of the main tools and libraries of the emerging Clojure data science stack.

Daniel SlutskyDaniel Slutsky

Daniel Slutsky



XTDB offers a unique Datalog API and tracks a bitemporal history of information. This course will examine these facilities for storing and modelling data immutably.

Jeremy TaylorJeremy Taylor

Jeremy Taylor


Data Processing

Learn high performance data processing with Clojure dataset. Learn how to work with columnar data and how to get most performance when processing datasets of realistic sizes which in our case means millions of rows and tens of columns.

Chris NuernbergerChris Nuernberger

Chris Nuernberger


Your Workshop

Are you passionate about a topic and would like to share your knowledge with others? You are comfortable running a live session? You can clearly and succinctly explain concepts? If that's something that strikes a note - then get in touch!